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PP-011Sulfur Plant20 TPDProquip/Ortloff1980
PP-025Gasoline8 MMSCFDTH Russel1979
PP-049Sulfur Recovery25 TPDOrtloff1994
PP-050Sulfur Recovery55 TPDTPA1999
PP-051Sulfur Plant TPA1993
PP-055Refrigeration12.5 MMSCFDTIDEWATER1995
PP-060Refrigeration4MM Refrigeration PlantProquip1988
PP-071Amine20 GPMR.L. Frailey1981
PP-077Amine120 GPMPBP Fabrication2001
PP-082Amine700 gpmChesepeak Blake Lake1968-1984
PP-087Sulfinol Gas Unit1,175 GPMEPC for Mobil Oil1985
PP-091Amine100 GPMPerry1984
PP-092Amine5 GPMPerry Gas1981
PP-095Amine35 GPM Amine PlantPBP Fabrication1998
PP-096Amine150 GPM Amine PlantEvco Fab1990
PP-097Amine125 GPM Amine Plant  
PP-102VRU Plant Wendland2000
PP-109Amine Plant40 GPMRebuilt by Rama"R" 2001
PP-114Dewpoint Plant100 MMSCFDToromont Energy Systems2007
PP-115Amine100 GPMPerry Gas1980
PP-122Stabilizer7,500 BPDInterstate Treating, Inc.2018
PP-123Amine100 GPMInterstate Treating, Inc.2018
PP-124Amine20 GPMInterstate Treating Inc.2018
PP-125Amine140 GPMEmron Inc,1982
PP-126Amine60 GPMPerry Gas Engineering1981
PP-127Amine45 GPMPerry Gas Engineering1981
PP-128Amine150 GPMDixon and Tryer1998
PP-129 150 GPMThomas Russel Co.2007
PP-131Amine400 GPMSplitzer Industries2014
PP-133HMO Skid530 GPMHanover2006
PP-134Fuel Gas2.0MMSCFDHOAD INC2007
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