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PH-016Direct Fired Cabinet3,838036"od x 10'-00"s/sSivalls1971002576 sq ft
PH-038Heater2,0007'-08"W x 4'-08"H x 14'-08"LTH Russel19830000N/A
PH-052Boiler (Water Tube)58,00011'-01"W x 12'-02"H x 18'-02"LKeeler198204752,595 SQ FT Plus Economizer
PH-053Boiler (Water Tube)58,00011'-01"W x 12'-02"H x 18'-02"LE. Keeler Co.198204752,595 sq ft
PH-061Direct Fired Cabinet32,00010'-02"W x 13'-10"H x 24'-04"LCleaver Brooks19800150 
PH-062Direct Fired Cabinet32,00010'-02"W x 13'-10"H x 23'-11"LCleaver Brooks19840150 
PH-092tail gas incinerator17,000084"od x 14'-00"McGill19830000 
PH-127Direct Fired Cabinet42,000096"od x 13' s/sFCI19930015None
PH-128Direct Fired Cabinet21,0006'-09"W x 7'-01"H x 18'-04"LProquip19910014 
PH-129Direct Fired Cabinet24,0005'-10"W x 7'-06"H x 19'-10"LContinental Fabrication199306501,195 sq ft
PH-130Direct Fired Cabinet28,0006'-01"W x 7'-02"H x 34'-00"LAbbco199105251,096 sq ft
PH-131Direct Fired Cabinet29,500054"od x 34'-06" s/sAbbco19900100658 sq ft
PH-143Natural Gas30,0007'-05"W x 8'-01"H x 18'-08"LFirst Thermal Systems19950150635 sq ft
PH-145Direct Fired Cabinet15,0009'-04"W x 11'-02"H x 24'-02"LNebraska / Holman198506601,712 sq ft
PH-146Direct Fired Cabinet 5'-04"W x 8'-09"H x 10'-10"LEnergy Technology, Inc.19811200519 sq ft
PH-158NAT GAS 16' 2" x 5' 8"Eclipse Lookout19750120 
PH-171Regen Gas Heater6,000064"W x 6'-08"H x 8'-07"LLoveco Inc.19810750305 sq ft
PH-173Direct Fired Cabinet78,000122"W x 13'-04"H x 31'-06"LWheco197701656,385
PH-175Direct Fired Cabinet149,000096"W x 48'-10"H x 40'-08"LRadco199001002,600 sq ft
PH-177Direct Fired Cabinet30,000120"W x 8'-06"H x 30'LVolcanic2008  
PH-178Direct Fired Cabinet 096"W x 14'H x 22'LBorn   
PH-180Direct Fired Cabinet 033" D X 28' 09"L X 8' W X 10' HTenn. Tube Bender  922
PH-182Line Heater3000036" x 10'-0"Kinder20086500 
PH-184Indirect Fired Bath2,800036" OD x 10'-0"Natco19795000 PSI 
PH-185Indirect Fired Bath2,300036" x 10'-0"Engelman- General Inc19815,000 
PH-186Indirect Fired Bath1,800036" x 10'-0"Sivalls19846,170 
PH-189Indirect Fired Bath3,000036" x 10'-0"Sivalls1986  
PH-190Reboiler Gas Heater7,500 Lbs3'7" x 9'-7" x 9'-4"Bronco MFG19761100 PSI231 sq ft
PH-193Direct Fired Cabinet6,5005'-0"W x 12'-0"L x 5'-0"HHeatec Inc1989100280 sq ft
PH-194Steam Generator2,100024" OD x 10'-0"Hanover Co2001  
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